Vines & Wines

We have over 4 acres of grape vines featuring all different varietals.  Our goal is to try out the best grape vines for our land and climate.  From Cayuga whites to pinot noirs we take care to give the best to our grape vines with annual trimmings and a wide open space for them to breath.  As we are located just south of the famous New York Finger Lakes Wine region we have found that hearty whites grow best in our climate.  However, we are not afraid to try varietals that typically thrive in dry, arid climates as well.



Chilean poet Pablo Neruda called wine “the community of man.”  In this sense our wine is very much a community experience from the hours spent tending and harvesting the grapes to the juicing process, we rely on our countless helpers to press the grape juice that becomes the wine.  At this stage, our wine is still a work in progress but not for lack of experimentation.  From one-varietal wines like Riesling and Niagara to 3-4 blended varietal white and red wines, we are continuously improving and testing the process that will work best for our winery.  Being housed in a rustic barn, the wine cellar is insulated only by four wooden walls and the barrels and steel tanks that hold our wine.  Therefore, while most wineries can produce wine in only a few weeks due to temperature control, we wait several months to get a product we are happy to let people start trying.  Also, because our vines are still relatively young, we find a heartier flavor is produced every year through our test wines. We hope to debut our first line of wines by Fall 2017.  More information will be available soon.

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