The Beginnings


First Grape Harvest – October 2011

D’Vine Vineyard did not start as a small 4-acre plot of land dedicated to the education and experimentation of making wines.  Instead, it began as a humble dairy farm over 100 years ago.  Being one of the few century farms in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, the land has been in the family for over 100 years.  Farmed by Max and Louise VanVeghten, the land was passed to their eldest grandson, David Page, in the 1970s.  In the 1980s Dave sold the dairy business but kept the land where he and his wife, Denise, raised their two children.  Throughout their kids’ formative years the Page’s focused on traveling, hosting events, and expanding their education on all matters pertaining to food and drink.  After their children left the house, Dave began to take an interest in various kinds of wine and how to grow successful grapevines.   In May of 2008, Dave decided to reclaim 4 acres of his land that he had been renting out to a neighboring farm and plant over 1,000 grapevines of all different varietals.  With the help of numerous family members and friends, D’Vine Vineyard was born.  Over the past few years Dave, a retired American Holstein Association classifier, and Denise, a retired nurse, have worked towards the ultimate goal of opening D’Vine to the public as a vineyard and event space.  We are currently booking warm weather events.  We are so happy you are here to join us on our journey!




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